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Central On Demand Division Manager


Job Description

DA Product Knowledge Training:

Improved speed of reply and improved quality/accuracy of reply.

Training of DAs to make them effective online sales person:

DM Seller would be responsible in acting as a coach and implementing the correct workflow to the team. This leader will need to work in making sure the DAs can sell products to customers in a fast, professional and efficient way.(can measure by % of customer questions answered thoroughly (measuring the amount of times we try to recommend/push sale vs. be complacent and saying sorry we cannot help you).

Organize training sessions to make sure that DAs add and maintain skills such as product knowledge and seller skills by routinely testing/role playing with the DAs and sharing best practices. Be sure to pick examples from daily operations to make a case of how to improve performance.

Improving the work flow and making sure customers are getting the correct, accurate, insightful information which they are looking for in a timely manner.

Assignment of customers to DAs:

(How well DM can allocate work for different DAs, not overload one or another.)

- First response time:

Overnight/Before Work Customers: DM arrange first responses for different DAs.

- New Customers:

DM will be the one to respond to all customers (Thai/English customers) within 2 minutes of first contact. DM will allocate customers to a DA and enter an “expected return/product find time”

eg. contact you back within 10 minutes.

- Allocation:

DM will help organize DAs who will be responsible to looking after different segments, topics, departments, BUs, floors etc.

- DM will be responsible for organizing the roster “work hours” every day.


DM will be the one setting realistic goals and targets for the team to reach and match them with relevant incentives which help the team be more productive.

Standard Message:

The DM will be responsible in managing and revising standard message to ensure a smooth process.

Review/Coaching Process:

The DM will be responsible for reviewing chat messages and coach the DAs how they can do better to sell. Which conversation is good and bad. Coaching and inspiration is key to allowing DAs to improve on their conversation. Team building and culture is also an important aspect which DM is responsible for building and maintaining to ensure longevity.


Sale reports and financial jobs will be under DM’s responsibility. Reporting must be updated daily. This includes sales, shipping, customer tracking, finance consolidation, etc.



• Bachelor or Master Degree in business administration, marketing or related field.

• Minimum 3 years experience in retail, digital, social media and e-commerce business. 

• Strong interpersonal, coordination and communication skills.

• Ability to work under pressure within deadlines and quick learner

• Good computer skills and good command of English

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