• IT Positions #1


    • Project Manager/Coordinator

    • Solution Architect

    • Web Engineering Lead (React or Vue)

    K.Thanadol 065-719-4965

  • IT Positions #2            


    • IOS Developer

    • Software Engineer(API)

    • Business Analyst

    • Technical Analyst

    K.Krittin 065-719-4977

  • MarTech Positions          


    • MarTech Engineer lead

    • MarTech Engineer

    • MarTech Product Owner

    K.Thanapol 065-719-4976

  • Trade Marketing Manager – Skin care products               

    Job descriptions:

    • Understand customer needs with professional data resource performance, gather & analyze data, info from campaign evaluation.

    • Manage achievement of sales on promotion to align with share of market to control budget optimization.

    • Build and create theme promotion campaign and category event with Trade Marketing and align with merchandising team to leverage sales by increasing customer penetration.

    K.Thanapol 065-719-4976

  • Finance Functions                   

    Job descriptions:

    K.Wattanachai 065-719-4963

  • Merchandise Manager - Cycling            

    Job descriptions:

    • Provide support to set up plans, policies, and directions for the operations of buying and merchandising including analyzing product management

    • Select product group under responsibilities following market trend and organization target

    • ensure effective buying and merchandising aligning with organization goal, and achieve highest profitability and gross sales

    K.Sujinan 065-5107582

  • Finance Officer (Contract)        

    Job descriptions:

    • Assist finance budget and planning team on preparing company annual budget

    • Create the designed budgeting template

    • Financial input data collection and consolidating the number

    K.Wattanachai 065-719-4963

  • Customer Data Insights & Planning Division Manager

    Job descriptions:

    • Demonstration of impact (revenue or qualitative) and role from examples / experience highlighted

    • Reference to technical ability through key words / tools (eg. comfort with R, Python, SQL, Spark, etc.)

    • Demonstration of strong problem solving ability (eg. drove a solution to improve operational performance or reduce costs)

    Khun Jirakit 065-719-4966

  • Financial Investment Analyst        

    Job descriptions:

    • Develop and conduct a feasibility study of investment projects under Department Store Group, including but not limited to small to large business scale, new sites, and renovations.

    • Prepare and tailor the presentation of any investment projects for top management’s approvals.

    • Monitor actual investment results vs. approved feasibility after the projects are completed, including providing in-depth analysis by tracking the actual vs feasibility performance and raising issues to the related teams.

    K.Wattanachai 065-719-4963

  • Senior Marketing Manager – Kiko Milano

    Job descriptions:

    • Implement directions and strategies for brands and marketing activities to ensure goal achievement of the brand.

    • Build and manage brand value to gain competitive advantage and market share.

    • Coordinate with product development and relevant functions to manage brands and develop new business marketing opportunities.

    K.Thanapol 065-719-4976

  • UX/UI Designer                           

    Job descriptions:

    • Design, create, and develop user-friendly interface and objects aligning with project requirement and expectation to build brand awareness through digital platforms

    • Test and resolve problems on user interfaces to ensure system interface quality and standards

    • Coordinate with internal team as well as the assistant technical vendors and agencies to drive a high level of customer experience quality

    K.Sujinan 065-540-7582

  • Data Development Department Manager

    Job descriptions:

    • Control the operations of business process improvement, including reengineering business process, to maximize profitable operations

    • Control and examine analysis, development, and implementation of the current and new business processes and practices to use to improve business operations and processes

    • Provide advice and recommendations on areas of improvement, key business process risks and issues that impact business operations to support in term of solutions

    K.Sujinan 065-540-7582