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Risk Management Team Leader 2

Job Function: 
Work Location:  Central Chaengwattana Tower
Company:  CFR
Job Purposes

implement directions of risk management function to provide advice on any potential risks to the profitability or existence of the company, along with identify and assess threats, and plan to lessen, transfer, and manage risk to organization, reputation, assets and interests

Key Roles and Responsibilities
  • Implement functional plans and directions to monitor and manage overall risk management process for the organization to ensure effective operations supporting business
  • Lead analysis and research to identify, assess, and estimate risks such as business or financial risks and help mitigate the threats to the organization
  • Participate in evaluating risks with criteria such as costs, legal requirements, and environmental factors to manage for solutions to handle risks
  • Develop risk management controls and contingency plans to ensure effective risk management for the organization
  • Monitor processes of purchasing insurance, implementing health and safety measures, and making business continuity plans to limit and prepare for risks
  • Monitor and examine audits of policy and compliance to standards, including liaison with internal and external auditors to ensure effective operations
  • Provide advice and recommendations to top management to assist in managing risks and supporting business
  • Monitor making reports summarizing risk management processes and outcomes to propose to the board of directors to identify significant risks and understand their accountability
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of responsible experience in related field and 1-3 years of team management
  • Have understanding in broad business issues
  • Have negotiation and strong communication skills
  • Have problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  • Have analytical and numerical skills
  • Be detail-oriented
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